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v2.33 - Updated: 09/19/2019
Kit data from 09/19/2019
[Update history]

Changelog: 12 Jun 18
·ShipStation description generator for brake kits & box type live
·Brake kit errors fixed
·Additional brake kits & locations added/updated
·Does anyone actually read this? If so:
·Tell Moose the password 'yellowpages' and get a computer upgrade :-)
Changelog: 05 Jun 18
·Brake kits added to DB
Changelog: 08 Mar 18
·Now sorts table by bin
·Removed 56 duplications
·Updated kits for 3/07
Changelog: 14 Feb 18
·Enabled search by alt sku
·Search either X or K sku
·Updated kits for 2/14
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